This project will have direct and indirect effects not only on all participants in the project but to broader targeted groups. The trainers and organizations that will undergo the workshops will be able to raise their awareness and capacity to evaluate the present situation regarding implementation of ECVET principles in adult learning in the fields of health and social care. Due to the openness and the proposed interaction during the workshops they will be able not only scan and evaluate their own work, but they will develop skills to evaluate other people’s experiences on the topic.

By implementing the new skills and methodologies they directly change and modernize the VET education. Being part of large teams they will share their newly learned experiences and best practices with their colleagues and help them improve their own training methodology. Based on the analysis and the exchange of good practice some of the curricula will be redesigned and will be a valuable input in their everyday work with their beneficiaries.

Adult learners on the other hand, will benefit from the introduction of new principles, because they will receive recognizable certificate guaranteeing transferability of the gained knowledge. Consequently, they will be more interested in teaching process and the gap between the teaching and learning process will be bridged.

The participating organizations/institutions will improve the educational services they offer to the beneficiaries and broad the number of beneficiaries by offering curricula based on their needs. The prepared guidelines (outputs) will enable environment for bigger quality of the adult learning and the mobility projects and ultimately increase the quality of life in the respective communities.