The aim of this project is to promote professional permeability and mobility in the health and social care sector by supporting the implementation of the ECVET instruments and principles. Transparency, as well as recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications, including informal and non-formal learning, will be promoted.

The benefits that ECVET brings aren`t commonly known among many VET Providers and its implementation on an European level isn`t enviable as well. The European systems for achieving vocational qualifications differ significantly. As shown in the 2015 Cedefop monitoring report on implementing ECVET across EU, EFTA and EEA countries only 16 countries/regions have credit systems compatible with ECVET; 4 countries are working towards ECVET compatible systems; 9 countries are currently testing one or more ECVET technical components and 7 countries do not have credit systems and ECVET related initiatives are at project level rather than system-level. Common standards of assessment, description of learning outcomes and personal transcripts would improve professional permeability and mobility within the sector of health and social care.

It is thus the project’s objective to promote transparency, as well as recognition of learning outcomes and qualifications, including informal and non-formal learning by using ECVET, and this will be accomplished by:

  • Introducing the ECVET aims: the mobility of learners by supporting lifelong learning in order to attain flexibility of learning pathways to achieve qualifications
  • Introducing the ECVET principles such as Learning outcomes, Units of learning outcomes, ECVET points, Credit, Mutual trust and partnership
  • Establishing a Concept od ECVET implementation

The key activities of this project will be to share and evaluate all aspects of ECVET implementation, from the Introduction of ECVET mobility through the use of the practical tools for applying ECVET to periods of learning. This activities will include, among others, actions with a view to promote lifelong learning and to improve the quality and effectiveness of learning mobility experiences, and also accent will be given to fostering the language skills required by the labour market.

Target groups of the project are the Users Group Members, National Experts, trainers, VET providers and companies and the learners are the final beneficiaries. With the introduction of the ECVET principles the educators will build the educational framework to follow and introduce standardized curricula adopted to their and the needs of the learners. The learners will have a guarantee that the skills they gain are applicable in other European counties, which will build their self confidence and enable mobility.