Workshop in Slovenia

The first workshop of the project “Introducing ECVET in Health and Social Care Education” was held in Ptuj (Slovenia), from 21st until 25th January.
The workshop was attended by 23 people with diverse background related to Adult Education.
The project was presented by the Project Coordinator Boris Sharkovski.
The workshop was opened by the host Mojca Volk.
At the workshop, three representatives from different Slovenian institutions in the field of Adult Education took the floor:
The key speaker was Mr. Darko Mali, from the Institute of the Republic of Slovenia for Vocational Education and Training, Mojca Vukovič from Public University of Rogaška Slatina and Dušan Šilak from Public university of Ptuj who briefly clarified the situation in Slovenia regarding ECVET. Also, the other Project Partners (Germany and Macedonia) had the opportunity to explain the situation in their countries concerning the use of ECVET.
The conclusion was that the usаge of ECVET is still not sufficiently accepted and implemented by the partner countries and that we should work on improving this situation in the future.
At the end all participants were awarded with a Certificate for Attendance.

The workshop was covered by two national televisons.

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